Sports Heads Basketball Championship

Sports Heads Basketball Championship

Have you played Sports Heads Basketball Championship yet? It’s one of the coolest basketball heads games you can play online for free on your PC.

Kill time with Sports Head Basketball

Are you bored at school or at work. Wish you would be watching a game at home or better yet playing a cool game outdoors at the local basketball court. Well, until you will do that, have a go at the sports heads basketball game – part of the popular Head Basketball pc game series. Our Basketball Heads game is one of the best ways to pass your time during a break. Whether you go for some fresh air outside, queueing to order your iced flavored Latte or just waiting for the bus, this super free online game can definitely add some excitement to your day.

If you are a basketball fan and enjoy watching Lebron James dunking with ease, Stephen Curry shooting 3-pointers from anywhere and Russell Westbrook averaging triple doubles for a whole season, then it’s a sure thing you will find pleasure playing the sports heads basketball game.

Is it easy to play Basketball Heads?

The game is very easy to start with and doesn’t have a deep learning curve. You can click around yourself and it will be a matter of minutes and a couple of sports head basketball games until you have a good handle of it.

Sports Heads Basketball Game Controls

To control the game, use the arrows on your keyboard. You will also need a mouse or trackpad to navigate through the setup of the game.

On the occasion that you’re playing together with a friend at the same time, you will have to use the same keyboard for the controls (one will use the arrows and the other one the WASD letters which also form an arrow).

  • Up arrow – Jump
  • Left arrow – Move left
  • Right arrow – Move rightv
  • Spacebar – Shoot

Sports Heads Basketball Instructions

There are 14 League Matches and you have to finish in the top 8 of your League in order to advance into the Play-Offs! This means that you don’t have to win every single sports heads basketball game to make it to the next round, which is a good thing especially if you’re just starting out.

The first thing you have to do after clicking on Play is to choose if you are playing alone or a friend is joining you as well.

If you want to play by yourself, click on “New Game”.

Now it’s time to select your team (between all american Sports Heads Basketball Championship teams) and the level of difficulty (either easy or difficult).

As soon as you’ve done that, you will on the next screen your opponent, click on “Continue”.

The Basketball Heads PC game is about begin and it will last one minute. The player with the most points after this minute, wins! If you end up with the same points, there’s overtime that ends with the first point scored by any of the players.

When your first game is over, you will see the result on the screen and your next opponent.

Good luck and enjoy the game!

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