Benchwarmer football girls

Game description

The defeat of Spain in the quarterfinals of the last European Championship is digested and the view is that it is heading to the next big tournament. In preparation for next season we have a game from the creators of Playtech casino games that many players still have in good memory, the slot machine with the warmest women’s soccer bank. If our women’s national team looked like the cute women who warmed up the bench in this slot game, the odds of this team being more followed than the men’s national team were certainly more impressive than our men’s champions’ national team, welcome to the game review: Football Girls.

But in a slot machine it is more than just pretty women. It’s about pretty women and big profits. Once Playtech has ensured that the former is offered, we believe it is our duty to ensure that the same can also be claimed for benefits. So don’t be blind, send your wife to rest and read our Football Girls bench warmer test.

Technical characteristics

The player wants to play on a slot machine, which is solidly built and has no flaws. It is not enough to build a sloped Pisa video slot. But let’s be honest, I would have expected that machine developers with these Football Girls characters can still focus on the technical maturity of a machine. But it seems as if the programmer’s eyes would have been more prevalent in the program code, just like in photos of soccer beauties and that’s a good thing.

Therefore, Playtech has been able to bring wonderful precise and technically perfect tuning actions with 5 reels and every 3 symbols on the screen for this slot. Here nothing wobbles and squeaks. The rollers rotate in the usual way as long as a legendary insert between € 0.20 and € 3,000.00 is made. If necessary, the player can automate the action through autoplay. Then the computer competently interprets the game continues.

But the best arguments women’s soccer bench warmer has when it comes to visual stimuli from the machine. In addition to the poker icons there are some such nice football-crazy ladies who fight each other for a place on the reels. But if you have run on the rollers, you shine in your feminine beauty on Football Girls. They are part of a winning combination, which are even encouraged. At this time you must be especially satisfied.

Slot Bonuses

You will be rewarded for playing, of course, too. In addition to the high payouts, there are wonderful rewards in the form of a kiss, free spins, wilds, and a bonus game. How much can you really earn and what strategies should be used, because you are going to learn it now.

We go with all the features carefully and in the order we receive the order in the Football Girls game. Already in the third round we have two bonus symbols, one role on reel 1 and one on reel 5, otherwise it doesn’t go well. Then we start the bonus game, in which we have a choice, to select three out of five balls. Behind every football you hide a profit that is brought to you by one of the girls.

Game details

Rollers 5
Pay lines 25
Progressive NO
Max pot 10,000
Jackpot max in money € 1,000,000
Playable max chips 30
Wild symbol YES
Multiplier NO
Scatter symbol YES
Free spins YES
Betting range € 0.20-3,000
Chip bets € 0.20-100
Tokens per line one
Game bonuses YES

Later in the game that was then the time for the free spins. With three special symbols 10 free spins are credited. This game with the amount you have recently used. You are lucky that the first part of one of the girls is hidden, so the symbol is valid for the whole of the first part. In the other roles now only a lady can happen. This increases the probability of winning a lot in Football Girls.

Lastly, there is a wild symbol also on women’s soccer bench warmer. The incredible if five wild symbols appear on a payline, you can win all 10,000 coins. If € 100 to play with the maximum size of the coin, this means that you are now a millionaire. So let’s toast together one day have a women’s football bench like the Football Girls from Playtech.

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