4 Fun Family Card Games To Play Anytime

family card games

Whatever the gathering type may be, a stack of playing cards is surely a great way to get everyone excited to play a game or put them in awe with a magic trick. There are hardly any households wherein these cards are not always available.

So if you are looking to bring in some fun and excitement in your family time together, get a deck of cards and prepare some snacks to go. In the article below you will get to learn how to play 4 fun family card games that you can play at any time and any place.

Whacky Eight

You have probably played this game as a kid. The aim of this game is to play all the cards that you have in your hand. You start with dealing 8 cards for each player and place them face down. Put the remaining cards in the center. The 8 is a wild card so it can be used for any value, 2 forces the next player to pick two cards and 4 makes the next person miss a turn. The method is the same as UNO and every player has to try to finish all the cards in their hands.

I Doubt It

This card game is easy to play with children. In this game, you have 3 to 13 players. The aim is to be the first one to get rid of all the cards. The game starts with you bluffing what cards you have when it is your turn. If the next player catches your bluff then you will have to pick the entire pack of cards that are on the table. If not, then the next player gets a card from you.

Thirty One

fun card games

This is a very popular card game and can be played by 2 to 12 players at a time. To play this game, shuffle the deck and place it face down in the middle. Every player will draw one card at a time. The ultimate goal is to have a three-hand card that together adds up to 31 or closest to 31 in one go. The player that does get that, is the winner.

Go Fish

This is an all-time classic game for people of all ages. You hand out each player 5 cards and place them face down. The rest of the cards are placed in the center of the table. The player will choose one card from their lot and ask the next player if they have any of the X that you expect them to have. If they do, they will have to give you the card and if not, then they will say ‘Go Fish’. You will have to then pick another card from the pile. The first person to run out of the cards is the winner.

The above four mentioned card games are sure to bring in a lot of fun during your next family time together.


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