Swansea ball boy kicked by Hazard makes Times Richest Youngsters list

Ball boy makes a fortune
Ball boy kicked from Hazard, makes a fortune

His fortune is estimated at 40 million pounds!

The Swansea ball boy who was infamously kicked by Eden Hazard around 10 years ago has made the Times Richest Youngsters list after having an estimated fortune of £40million.

Charlie, is behind Au Vodka, a premium vodka brand that has become famous for its golden bottles. The boy who now turned into a young entrepreneur is now worth more than some of the wealthiest soccer players of the World and probably never need to work again as a ball-boy.

In 2013, in a League Cup semi-final between Swansea and Chelsea , the youngster made headlines after receiving a kick from Belgian international Eden Hazard, an act which of course cost the expulsion of the ace of the “blues”.

Charlie tried to keep the ball more in the 80th minute and Hazard, in a desperate attempt to get the ball, kicked the young man who, as it turned out later, was the 17-year-old son of Swansea shareholder Martin Morgan – owner of Morgans Hotel.

The Belgian star, just in his first season at Chelsea, received a straight red and the team was deprived of his services for three matches. However, he apologized for his behavior.

The incident helped Charlie gain an online following and saw his Twitter followers grow to 100,000! At the time, teenager Charlie was studying at university. Let’s go some years later, when his childhood friend Jackson Quinn, created Au Vodka . The brand, with its trademark golden bottles.

Initially, they produced 2,000 bottles a day locally in a bar in Swansea, but the company’s remarkable growth has seen this increase to 35,000 bottles a day and Au is now available in 40 countries worldwide, has 50 staff at its headquarters, as well as 630,000 followers on social media.

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