Benfica Fans Show Their Support to Nouri

Benfica Fans Nouri Support

In July 2017, Abdelhak Nouri collapsed during his friendly Ajax with Werder Bremen due to a heart attack. After the doctors’ efforts, Ajax’s midfielder overcame the danger for his life, however he had suffered permanent brain damage.

In order to minimise the damage and stabilise his condition, doctors chose to induce him into an artificial coma.

Benfica Fans Nouri Gesture

Last August the 21-year-old’s family gave an interview on a Dutch channel where they spoke about his health. During that time, the brother of Abdelhak Nouri revealed that after 13 months his brother has woken up from the artificial coma.

The fans of Benfica during the showdown with Ajax in Amsterdam raised banners to support the 21-year-old Dutch midfielder. “Stay Strong Nouri #34” was written on the banner and as reported, the fans of Ajax fans applauded those of Benfica for their gesture.

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