Sports Heads Tennis

Sports Heads Tennis

Tennis is one of the elite games in the world and is often considered to be the one that requires immense practice and hard work to succeed at. Well, this web version of real tennis – Sports Heads Tennis – of course doesn’t require that much of preparation but it doesn’t mean that it’s any less competitive! You will have to compete hard with players like Roger Federal and Andy Rodink – the name-likenesses of real life legends. The competition is spiced up by regular visitors like ice cubes and ground mines. You have to keep your cool through all this commotion and beat the opponents hands down. You can jump and serve, race the volleys and perfect the aces to get ahead with game and match points if you play well. There will be bouncy walls and sticky surfaces to make it even more challenging, but that wouldn’t put off the extreme competitor inside you now, would it?

Sports Heads Tennis Unblocked

Sports Heads Tennis is unblocked and always will be in Feel free to dawdle with this awesome sports heads game, while in class or during a boring meeting at work.

How to Play Sports Head Tennis 2017

The first thing you have to do is select your player from a variety of options. In sports head tennis the names will remind you of famous tennis players, pick the one you prefer.

After that, you will have to decide in which difficulty you would like to play the game, either easy or hard. Start with the easy mode to get used to the controls, and when you need a challenge you can definitely the hard one, like a pro.

Click on Start and you’re ready to go! You will see your opponent, the name of the tennis tournament you’re competing and you just have to click on Play Match to get the game going!

Remember, The ball can bounce on your side only once, if it bounces twice the other player gets a point.

Hitting power-ups with the ball will affect the game in various ways, some of which are can make your life difficult (or easier if your opponents get them). There can be bombs, bouncy balls, speed boosts and decreases, ice yourself or the opponent (preventing movement) and the most exciting of all: the fire court where the ball cannot bounce on the floor at all!

Sports Heads Tennis Controls:

  • Up arrow – Jump
  • Left arrow – Move left
  • Right arrow – Move right
  • Spacebar – Swing

Sports Heads Tennis Achievements

  • Oh, He’s Back Is He? – Win a point with the streaker in play
  • Amateur Circuit Champ – Finish top of the world rankings on easy mode
  • Pro Circuit Champ – Finish top of the world rankings on hard mode
  • Grand Slam! – Complete the game by winning every match (easy or hard)
  • Just Drop It Already! – Have a rally lasting longer than 10 returns
  • Undefeated! – Win a tournament without losing a game!
  • Groundhog Day – Have a match return to deuce 3 times
  • Two’s Company – Play a 2 player round of tennis
  • Cool as a Cucumber – Win a point while frozen
  • Fully Formed – Total upgrade to your Sports Head in the Store

If you keep at it, Head Tennis Unblocked will allow you to play through all these triumphs and let you conquer the success of virtual tennis head champions.

Sports Heads Tennis 2 Player

This cool Head Tennis game gives you the opportunity to play with a friend as well, although you will have to share the same keyboard. Keep it civilized guys and avoid swinging your fists to each other!

Have fun!

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