This banner for Messi brought Barcelona’s inconceivable response on Twitter!

Leo Messi Password

The passion of two Barcelona fans for Messi is so great that they used him as a password to enter social networking pages! But when Barcelona learned about it, and by that we mean the person handling its social media, they had an amazing answer!

“Leo, you are the password of all my social media accounts” was the message of two fans through raised placards, with this photo to make the round of the world through the internet and get a reply from … official Barcelona!

A response that no one expected:

In order to limit the risk of your password being cracked, it should be at least 8 characters long and include letters (both upper and lower case), digits, and symbols.
Example: LeoMessi10IsTheG.O.A.T!

And here’s the proof

If you’re a Messi fan, please don’t use the exact same one.

Our recommendation?

Maybe that’s what we use as well ????‍♀️

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