Peru’s biggest football stadiums and latest travel allure

Interesting soccer stadiums in Peru

The largest football stadium in Peru and also in South America is Estadio Monumental “U”, located in the capital of Peru, Lima. The stadium can accommodate 80,093 spectators. It is home ground of the football Club Universitario de Deportes, where the team plays their matches. Because of its large size it is one of the tourist attractions worth to visit when travelling to Lima.

Monumental Stadium U

Another one of Peru’s (in)famous football stadiums is Estadio Nacional, the home ground of the Peru national football team. Its current capacity is 45,000 seats. Did you know that in 1964 at this stadium over 300 supporters were killed? It was the biggest tragedy of football history. And it all started with the unrecognized goal for Peru’s national team during the qualifying match with Argentina pertaining to Olympic games in Tokyo. Argentina led the match 1–0 during the second half and in the final minutes Peru equalized; however the Uruguayan referee Ángel Eduardo Pazos disallowed the goal. The spectators were infuriated by the decision and this led to a pitch invasion. The police used tear gas and brutal force to quell the disturbances. The stadium’s exits were closed which trapped the spectators inside the stadium. The football festival at Lima stadium in a moment turned into a real slaughter, which consumed the lives of hundreds of fans.

Estadio Nacional Peru


Peru’s latest travel trend

Peru has been in the latest travel news with a new retreat trend attracting thousands of people to the Amazonian rainforest and the surrounding cities like Iquitos, Cusco and Pucallpa making these places some of the top plant medicine retreat destinations in Central America. You can check into spiritual retreat centers at these locations where traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies are offered for visitors who want to explore healing, transformation and altered states of consciousness through ceremonies lead by indigenous ayahuasca Shipibo healers.


Did you know that famous football player David Icke has tried Ayahuasca? In the video below he talks about his unforgettable experience.

He says:

“I took in the form of Ayahuasca and took it twice in about three days in Brazil in 2003. I’ve not touched it since and I don’t feel the need to but the experience I had was massive. I don’t think it takes us anywhere. I think it takes us to where we already are and if we’re in a negative, really deeply negative state you can take this stuff and have a real what they call in the sixties, a bad trip. Well if you’re in another state you can have a wonderful experience. My experience was just unforgettable. I mean I had a woman’s voice, a woman choking tube no it’s a frequency, it is an information field of a certain frequency and certain frequencies you decode as female and southern frequencies you decode as male. It’s a consciousness that is communicating and almost certainly where it has to be. If we’re all infinite awareness it’s an expression of your own consciousness just a very much deeper level of it and for five hours it talked to me about the illusory nature of reality and I had instant recall of every word afterwards which was amazing in itself. And I was taken to a place. I’m using human language here taken to a place, it’s very hard to describe. And let me tell you this place that I experienced is beyond the realm of vibration because every anything that vibrates. This is actually fun enough there, this is one of the many really stunning lines that this voice communicated to me because when it started off said we’re going to take you to where you come from so you will understand better where you are and where you’re coming back to and then it kept repeating this is right at the start of this voice. Starting five hours infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is an illusion and when you study near-death experiences and all that stuff when they go into these realms beyond the body I have never come across anyone that wanted to come back because they talked about this unbelievable bliss and love and all the rest of it. Anyway I had this stunning line I was talking about at one point it said infinite love is the only truth, everything else is an illusion. If it vibrates it’s illusion because the pure infinite all that is all possibility is still and silent people think that things have to move to be something and actually silence is all sound it’s all possibility waiting to manifest. So if I’m talking now I have picked out of that infinite possibility of sound I have picked out the words that I am talking and when I stop apart from the traffic it’s gone back into silence. Within the silence is everything. So I experience this as this silent stillness as the infinite point of attention and I took the form of this”.

Here’s another interview where David mentions his experience:

The influx of tourists arriving in Peru in the past couple of years for various plant medicine retreat sessions have been at the all time high. Famous Hollywood celebrities, public influencers and sports personalities have endorsed Ayahuasca as an incredible experience and becasue of that various mainstream media outlets covered the topic widely.

Check out the Ayahuasca Spirit Center ( for more information about Ayahuasca plant medicine healing retreats in Pucallpa, Peru.

Peru is a very diverse and interesting country to visit. Most of the visitors are coming from the US mainland so sports like baseball and (American) football (as Europeans would call it) are popular. People in general embrace the old and new traditions and have a new found love for soccer too.

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