Want to bet on Soccer? Here are the top 5 most used and loved betting markets


Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world with an estimated fan base of around 3.5 billion people! And, as any other sport has it, betting on your favorite team is very normal these days, an irreplaceable part of the sport. If you are new to sport and soccer betting then you might want to read more about the top 5 most famous and beloved ways of wagering (or betting markets as they are known) that will get you introduced to the world of soccer betting.

Most Used Betting Markets

Match Result

The father of all betting when it comes to football. The rules are very straightforward – a soccer game can result in either victory for the home team, a tie, or victory for the away team. Your job is to correctly guess the outcome of the game after 90 minutes and the few added minutes that have been played.

If you guess that a game will result in a tie and the end result is 1:1 then your bet will be a successful one and depending on the odds of the bet you will earn yourself some winnings.

Double Chance

Similar to the Match Result, the Double Chance again focuses on who will win the game. Some people prefer this betting market as it provides a lot more security for your bet than the Match Result bet. In Double Chance, there are several types of conditions that you must pick from – the home or away team to win, the home team to win or the game to result in a tie, or the away team to win or the game to result in a tie.

The odds are significantly lower than the Match Result but soccer fans love this betting market for the security behind it.


You bet not on who will win the game but how many goals there will be. If you have a feeling that a certain game will result in a lot of goals then you might consider wagering on the standard Over 2.5 goals. For your bet to be a success, the game has to have 3 or more goals in the end. If it has less than that then people who have placed a bet on an Under 2.5 goals would be the winners.

Both teams to score

Again, very straightforward rules – you bet on whether or not both teams will score at least one goal in the game. If, for example, Real Madrid plays against a lower division team, then you might consider wagering that both teams will not score a goal. Real Madrid would but the lower division team is likely to not. If two teams with very good attacking players go up against each other, then the likelihood of both teams scoring a goal is high and you should consider wagering on Both teams to score.

Correct score

Probably the most fun of the classic betting markets. You bet on the correct end result of a single game. Fans of soccer love this betting market as it not only offers the most fun and thrill but also keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the game. Chances to win are slimmer but the expected prize is significantly higher due to the larger odds on this betting market.

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